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He said it was “getting too crazy.”

I thought it was “just getting good.”

Try trading Point Dume and Disneyland for Seaside and the “Enchanted Forest.” “Fuck this shit,” I remember whining. Forty years later, it turns out Howard was, in fact, a visionary. The mountains, the gorge, and yeah, even the beach, speak with a majestic peace you won't find anywhere else in the world. I'm conflicted; I'll always feel like a California expat -- there's a delightful brand of batshit there that just makes sense to me -- but I love our home in Oregon.

So, after 20+ years designing and traversing the globe for brands like Nike, Pendleton, and New Balance, and a lot of soul searching, I did what any reasonable person would do: I brought back an old brand that never existed...

“ORE-CAL SPORTSWEAR.” Almost generic. Uncannily familiar. Always been around. Except... it hasn’t. The “history” of ORE-CAL lovingly references the innocent, oddball design language of the great brands we grew up with and long for now. 

Of course, you could call this all an elaborate bullshit marketing ruse, but you’d be missing the point; ORE-CAL is my mash note to growing up on the Best Coast. An obsession with beautifully made clothes and stories well told.

See you out there...



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